First Pacific Funding is proud to introduce to you our latest product - Web Live!

This great new tool provides web-enhanced real-time updates for you and your customers. At any given moment you will have up to date status of your lease applications and what is currently happening in the financing approval / funding process.

How it works: (Example below)

Install the following URL link on your website or simply send it to your customers in an email.

This link will open a Web Live! document personalized for your company that, when submitted, will send the application directly into our credit approval system, notify our Underwriting staff that there is a new Application that needs their attention and it will inform all of us of the activity so that we can personally handle the entire process all the way through funding.

Additionally, as part of your Web Live system, you will received email updates any time there is activity associated with your customer's applications. You can log into your First Pacific Funding Web Live! account 24/7 and get real time updates and status reports on all of your customer's applications in an easy to follow, highly secure web environment. You can selectively browse by approvals, or transactions in for funding to funded leases. If you have multiple sales people in your organization, Web Live provides the ability to sort their sales separately, showing sales figures for each individual, or collectively. Basically, Web Live provides you, the Vendor, the ability to control the financing from start to finish!

To access our Vendor support portal go to our home website ,, and click on the Log in / Vendor button or simply click on the link below.

For testing purposes use the name and password listed below:

Username: United
Password: united1978

Direct Vendor Portal Link:

We have only scratched the surface as to the benefits of what Web Live! can do for you and how it will help your company increase sales.

Thank You